History of development

  • ElektriMont Sp. z o.o. has been continuously operating since 1987. Its activities on the Polish market began with the installation of electrical installations in the 46-storey LOT and Marriott Hotel complex in Warsaw. In February of the following year, we signed a contract with BBC 0/Frankfurt (now ABB) for the installation of electrical installations at the Paul Ehlrich Institute in Langen (Germany), thus gaining more valuable experience.
  • Until 1995, the German market was the main area of the Company’s ​​activity. We have completed numerous contracts for office complexes, banks, automotive plants, chemical plants and airports. We have worked for such companies as Opel, Mercedes, Siemens AG, ABB, Frankfurt- and Bonn-based airlines and many others.
  • After 1995, while remaining constantly active abroad, we have extensively expanded activities on the Polish market, reaching the current scale of operations of PLN 40-50 million in annual sales and a 300 strong team of specialists.
  • Since 1995, we have provided services for the most demanding customers in the largest facilities in Poland, including Bank Śląski in Katowice, University of Warsaw Library, Sheraton Hotels in Warsaw and Krakow or the Puławska Financial Centre in Warsaw, Emilia Plater in Warsaw, Kraków – Balice International Airport and Krakow Opera. We have also provided services to commercial and industrial facilities (AMICA Refrigerator Factory in Wronki, M1 shopping centres in Czeladź and Zabrze, IKEA in Krakow, Real in Nowy Sącz, Wolf Bracka in Warsaw, Electrostatic precipitators, Bukowa Lime PlantMałogoszcz Cement Plant, Sewage treatment plants in Krzeszowice, Żywiec and Racibórz) as well as office buildings (Amplico Life in Warsaw, Bayer A.G. in Warsaw, Philips in Krakow, Wolf Marszałkowska in Warsaw).
  • 1999 resulted in the first of the ISO quality certificates granted to us (PN-EN ISO 9000). We received two more in 2000 (PN-EN ISO 14000) and 2010 (PN-N ISO 18000). Since 2012 we hold the Industrial Security Certificate of the second degree, confirming the ability to protect information classified as “confidential”. We are currently applying for the Industrial Security Certificate of the first degree, confirming the ability to protect information classified as “secret”, “NATO SECRET” and “UE SECRET”.
  • From the beginning, Elektrimont Sp. z o o has been consistently providing services on the Polish and German markets, as well as in the Netherlands and France. Since 2005, we have a subsidiary in Germany, and since 2005 the export department has been established within the structure of our company, dedicated to the Dutch and French markets.
  • In 2012, our long-term cooperation with one of the largest Dutch companies operating in the electrical industry CroonElektrotechniek B.V. (www.croon.nl) resulted in the establishment of a company with capital provided by CroonElektrotechniek B.V. and  Elektrimont Sp. z o.o., whose aim is to implement joint projects in Poland and Europe, and as a result increase the scope of our activities and strengthen our market position.
  • Many years of operation at the highest level of quality resulted in numerous awards and distinctions. Some of these are: “Fair Play Company” (2000), European Medal for Services awarded by BCC in 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2010, 2011, 2012), nomination in the “Polish Business Leader” contest (2005, 2006, 2007), “Polish Business Leader” Statuette – 2007, Medal awarded by the 10th Congress of the Association of Polish Exporters, “Outstanding Exporter of the Year 2007”, “Business Gazelle” (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) and “Polish Business Leader” Diamond (2009,2010, 2011). In addition, for special care for the environment we received the ISO 14001 certificate and the “Pantheon of Polish Ecology” award (2001).
  • Over 30 years of market presence has allowed us to gain unique experience, as well as to create a professional team of employees who have worked with us for a long time. Our own resources enable us to implement even the most complex projects at every stage of their life cycle – from design, supply and installation to start-up and commissioning. Moreover, we provide high-quality maintenance services for our installations.