ElektriMont Sp. z o.o. has a team of engineers with comprehensive electrical power and telecommunication experience. As members of the Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers they have the required authorisations and insurance.

Employment in 2018 – 2023

The capabilities and potential of our staff have been confirmed by hundreds of completed projects, which have contributed to improving their skills and allowed them to acquire the latest technical know-how. In order to obtain optimal solutions and results we successfully combine qualifications of experienced professionals with creativity of the younger members of our team.

The structure of employment in 2023

We provide our personnel with friendly working conditions, the right level of motivation and specialised training. We care about the health and safety of our employees, test their knowledge of health and safety regulations and make sure they are complied with, continuously identify hazards at work and carry out the necessary risk assessment. Thanks to the integrated management system and compliance with the relevant procedures, we have constant supervision over the performance and progress of our employees. In addition, we ensure commitment of all employees, so that our team maintains the highest standards of service.

It is worth emphasising that the entire management team and a significant part of the company’s employees have been trained in the protection of classified information and have personal safety certificates. 21 of our employees are authorised to access information classified as “confidential” and “proprietary” and nine of our employees are authorised to access information classified as “secret”, “NATO SECRET” and “EU SECRET”.