Professional staff

All tasks are executed by our own staff, who are highly qualified and trained. We have an experienced and motivated team of professionals who have completed projects in Poland and abroad. This ensures compliance with specific work standards and excellent technical background.

The average length of service of an employee in a particular kind of work is as follows:

  • Site manager – 22 years
  • Electrician – 20 years
  • Designer – 12 years
  • Project manager – 12 years

We strive to constantly improve the level of knowledge and expertise of our team, by providing it with specialist training and increasing its motivation. In 2010 alone, more than 120 ElektriMont Sp. z o.o. employees completed training in the following areas:

  • Technical knowledge and new technologies
  • Management and administration
  • New authorisations

Modern equipment and tools

Our staff is equipped with high quality equipment and tools, such as:

  • HILTI power tools
  • Knipex, Simco, GPH hand tools
  • Krause scaffolding system
  • Cramo platforms
  • Fluce measuring equipment
  • Cable work equipment
  • Over 30 vehicles (Citroën, Ford, Mercedes)


Each of our projects is managed on the basis of proven, procedure-based methodology:

  • Quality Management Systems PN-EN ISO 9001.
  • Environmental Management Systems PN-N 18001.
  • Safety management and occupational health and safety systems PN-EN ISO 14001.

We have also received the Dutch VRO Certificate. This certificate certifies that we meet the requirements of NEN 4400-2, and thus we are an honest company that cares about its employees who carry out their tasks in the Netherlands, and provides them with adequate working conditions in accordance with Dutch regulations.